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Overtures to the General Assembly

Keeping you informed about our denomination!

At the April Heartland Presbytery meeting, the Presbytery voted to send four overtures to the General Assembly for consideration. The 223rd General Assembly of the PCUSA will be held in Saint Louis, MO from June 17 to 23. Here is a link to the process of overtures.

Your Elders would like you to be informed on these overtures. Below are links to these overtures. Please feel free to read these overtures and inform yourself. Your Elders want to remind you that just because the Presbytery votes to do something, does not mean that each and every local church or each and every member of a Presbyterian Church USA church holds the same views and has to agree with the actions of the Presbytery. One of the hallmarks of being a Presbyterian is that we agree to disagree. We are a very diverse denomination. Our congregations are very diverse. Here at Westminster we have people who hold very different views on many issues. The beauty of this is that we are all a part of the body of Christ. Our diversity makes us stronger. Even though we may disagree on certain issues, we agree on the essential issue, which is Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Please feel free to bring any questions or comments to any of the Elders and/or Pastor Mark.

Your Session:
Greg Bushman – Technology
Jessica Callaghan – Fellowship
Nancy Hatfield – Christian Education
Richard Jackson – Finance
Paula Patterson – Outreach and Mission
Melissa Pippin – Outreach and Mission, Personnel
Mark Reynolds – Finance, Personnel
Brandon Sands – Buildings and Grounds, Worship
Niki Smith – newest Elder – not yet ordained, but will be soon
Joyce Records – Clerk of Session (non-active Elder)
Pastor Mark – Moderator, ex-officio member


Westminster in Prayer

The Family of Bill Whitacre
Jeff McManus ~ Prayers for him and Leslie ~ surgery today
Jill Thompson ~ Outpatient surgery today on her wrist from a fall
Bruce Hurd ~ Hospitalized overnight on May 10th ~ prayers for he and Donna as tests being done
Vicki ~ A friend of Linda Rishel’s who lives in Topeka and has a very aggressive form of lung cancer
Casey Ward
Trevor Riley
Janie Nourot ~ Nedra Porter’s friend ~ health concerns
Gayle Hall ~ friend of Nancy Hatfield
Christine Carver ~ Gayle Hall’s daughter and main caregiver
Elizabeth Hubler ~ Bev Colbern’s mother ~ Praises she is back home!
Tracy Robinson and Lupe Martinez ~ friends of George and Joyce Records ~ serious health concerns
Lynda Hafner ~ Geri Polsley’s grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer
Eldon Turner ~ Rae Warren’s father ~ many health concerns
Julie Leonard ~ Continued prayers
Sondra and Jaci ~ Sondra is Rae’s friend, Jaci is her daughter who is getting chemo and this month having a stem cell transplant ~ Jaci lives in Idaho and her mother lives here
Dale Van Horn
A Teacher Friend of Debbie Hutton
Bill Dotson ~ Alex Bopp’s Lifelong friend ~ Treatment has stopped and Hospice is called in
Sandi Edmonds ~ Thank you, God! Sandi is back home!
Don Carr
Those who have lost jobs and are looking for employment
Our 2nd Friday Community Dinner Friends
Those who have lost loved ones
Those who were affected by natural disasters and those who are helping in the rescue
Our Missionaries
Our Military
Victims of Hate Crimes
LifeCare Center
Our Nations Leaders ~ President Donald Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence
Our Enemies
Pray for all those who put their lives on the line everyday for each one of us

Church Family in Care Centers
Vintage Park: Mary Lou Sheldon, Leroy Fredricks, Cal Ewing, Norene Hobbs, Wynona Hayward, Carol Gorton
ORV Plaza: Marilyn Nordeen, Phyllis Foster
ORV Skilled Nursing: Joel Nordeen, Shirley Barnes
ORV West: Becky Lepley
Out of Town: Loraine Hanscum, Virginia Cordle
Wellsville Retirement Community Center: Wanda Ballinger

Beverage Tabs


Please remove and save the tabs from your beverage cans for the Ronald McDonald House which is an ongoing mission project at Westminster. We have a large wooden house in the Church for you to put them in as well as smaller ‘houses’ to take home and fill up on your own. Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child and his or her family going thru cancer.

Best Choice Labels


The Save-A-Label program is a program which helps non-profit organizations raise money. We earn $.03 for each Best Choice UPC symbol redeemed…so we can earn $30 for each bundle of 1,000 UPCs. They must be received by December 31st. The only thing you need to save is the bar code from the label. We currently have collected 2,000 to mail in for redemption. Please save your labels and bring them to the church office or put them on the Welcome Center table in the foyer.

Again, if you have any at home right now, please bring them in by December 31st. Also, please keep this in mind for 2017 that you can help your church when you are shopping and buying items. As always, thank you for your kind consideration!

Hope House Needs

When you are grocery shopping, please consider picking up some items for the Hope House Pantry. Some things to purchase would be corn, green beans, mixed vegetables, soups, jelly, peanut butter, toilet tissue, spaghetti, mac & cheese, canned fruit, cereal, shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap and other food items for our families in need to make a meal. Also needed are: men’s socks, men’s jeans and queen size sheets. If anyone has old barn wood to donate, it would be appreciated.

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