Westminster in Prayer

The Family of Rose Hanes ~ Please keep Pat Burns and family in your prayers
The Family of Jim Dietz ~ Jim passed away last week ~ Please keep Dylce and Louise in your prayers
The Family of Bob French ~ Bob passed away yesterday ~ He’s been in Baldwin Healthcare since Christmas
The Family of Garry Gorton
The Family of LeRoy Fredricks ~ Also keep Norene Hobbs in your prayers as she was his beloved partner for over 19 years
The Family of Harold D. Hinderliter who passed away January 23rd ~ He was a former member of Westminster
The Families of Tammy Gorton and Beth Griffin in the passing of their beloved sister, Janie Ebeck
Gene Seaton ~ Friend of Gary Harris’s ~ Gene has lung cancer
Kathy Sandstrom and Family ~ Shirlene’s cousin, Kathy lost her daughter, Kelsey to a blood clot. Kelsey was pregnant with her second child
Cooper Heishman ~ Update on Cooper; No change for last 11 days; Started moving his fingers when spoken to; Responsive, but still in a coma; Was given meds to bring him out of the coma, but no success at this time
Kathy Reynolds ~ Multiple Myeloma; Her chemo has started; She is very tired; Please keep Bob in your prayers also as they travel this path together
Darlene Lister ~ Judy Hasty’s friend whose cancer has returned; Asking for healing and strength as she continues her treatment
Wynona Hayward ~ Rock Creek ~ In Hospice
Dorothy Chaney ~ CANCER FREE!
Sheri Sellers ~ Nedra and Jack’s friend, Janie Nourot’s daughter-in-law; On her way to work and was hit by a semi head on; She has many broken bones and possibly severed her spleen
Deanna Fox ~ Back Home doing therapy
Loisann Eversmeyer ~ Marie Stewart’s aunt who had a stroke; she was moved to Wellsville Retirement Home
Allison Williams ~ Angela Lisle’s sister has chronic health issues and small children; New meds have caused other issues; She also has received news about a family member with a serious illness
Brenda Garron-Carroll ~ Terri Thompson’s Aunt in NY; Severe stomach pain, hospitalized twice and the doctors cannot pin down the cause
Carol Sue Brown ~ Nedra Porter’s sister, several health issues; Her husband, JayDee is waiting knee surgery
Erik Warren ~ Ongoing health issues
Dick and Marge Martin and their grandson, Sage and family ~ Sage has leukemia
Jauslyn Quinn ~ Terri Thompson’s granddaughter (17 years old); Spent a night in Children’s Mercy and the doctors cannot pin down what is causing her pain; She previously had pancreatitis
Linda Neece ~ Friend of the Sands family who is terminally ill
Allen Cain ~ Terri Thompson’s friend’s son who has been suffering from seizures and is now in KU Hospital for the 4th time. He is having testing on his brain to try and determine the cause
Renea George ~ Mother of one of our Small Steps Preschool teacher ~ Update: Going thru chemo
Les Bradford ~ Friend of Damon Williams, LaDora Jackson’s son; Les’s mother was just diagnosed with cancer; Please keep their family in your prayers
Riley Howell ~ 6 year old little girl at Children’s Hospital; Has a respiratory infection that needs to clear prior to chemotherapy treatments
Kristie Batten ~ Hasty Awards employee with cancer; Going thru chemo and coping well
Patty ~ Terri Thompsons’s friend who is going thru chemo for multiple myeloma
Bill Smell ~ Recovering from a fall and broken arm
Beth Mollett ~ Very lonely
Gary Vathauer ~ Joyce Records’ Dad who has had seizures and a torn rotatator cuff ~ In Brookside Skilled Facility
Les Arnold ~ Joe Ferguson’s cousin, Steve Warren’s friend~severe injuries from being thrown from a horse
Stonci Marsh ~ friend of Karen Harris’s ~ 2nd round of chemo
Michelle Johnson’s sister’s husband, Larry ~ Larry is in need of chemotherapy, but unable to get until his kidney functions better
Sarah ~ Friend of Courtney Sands ~ She had a car accident with critical complications ~ Praises to God as Sarah found out she WILL be able to walk
The Family of Ivy Maxwell
Charlene Gibbs, Sherril Unruh’s neighbor ~ huge blood clot
Paul Pennock ~ Nedra Porter’s brother who has health issues
Jodi John ~ Friend of Don Carr
Virgil Croucher ~ Friend of Bob Dunn
Shirley and Hans ~ Don Carr’s sister and brother-in-law; Shirley has alzheimers and Hans is going blind
Ron Robison ~ Judy Hasty’s best friend’s husband ~ Holding his own
Angela Lisle
Debbie Hutton
Christopher Browne and his Sister, Caroline ~ Christopher called in and asked for prayers for healing; He for his heart and his sister for epilepsy and depression; Strength for both
Larry Swinnerton ~ Michelle Johnson’s father ~ in Hospice
Vicki ~ A friend of Linda Rishel’s who lives in Topeka; Vicki is home and slowly regaining some strength and energy; Due to the radiation and chemo, has a feeding tube Casey Ward
Trevor Riley ~ Doing better and hoping for his surgery in March
Leons Restaurant ~ Pray for the employees of this restaurant as they had to close
Janie Nourot ~ Nedra Porter’s friend
Those who have lost jobs and are looking for employment
Our 2nd Friday Community Dinner Friends
Those who have lost loved ones
Those who were affected by natural disasters and those who are helping in the rescue
Our Missionaries
Our Military
Victims of Hate Crimes
LifeCare Center
Our Nations Leaders ~ President Donald Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence
Our Enemies
Pray for all those who put their lives on the line everyday for each one of us ~ Police, Fire Department, Emergency Workers

Church Family in Care Centers
Vintage Park: Mary Lou Sheldon, Norene Hobbs, Carol Gorton, Darold Cain
Rock Creek West: Marilyn Nordeen, Phyllis Foster, Faye Hunt, Becky Lepley
Rock Creek Skilled Nursing: Joel Nordeen, Shirley Barnes
Out of Town: Loraine Hanscum, Virginia Cordle
Baldwin Rehab Center: Cal Ewing
Wellsville Retirement Community Center: Wanda Ballinger