Westminster in Prayer

The Family of Evelyn West ~ Evelyn passed away this past week
Dick and Marge Martin and their grandson, Sage ~ Sage is starting treatment at KU Med for leukemia
Renea George ~ Mother of one of our Small Steps Preschool teacher ~ She has cancer and is awaiting treatment options
Garry and LaWanda Gorton
Kristie Batten ~ Hasty Awards employee with cancer; Update on Kristie ~ she has inoperable cancer ~ Please pray for peace and comfort as she faces each day
Gary Harris ~ Praise God! Gary’s numbers are good and they don’t have to go back until March!!
Matthew Rossi ~ Praise be to God for Matthew celebrating his birthday yesterday and his cancer test results are good!
Eldon Rader ~ Had a stint put in after a heart attack and is doing well
Hailey ~ Abby Sands’s friend who has scoliosis
Rick Pritchard ~ Jim Pritchard’s nephew ~ Rick was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease
Janie ~ Tammy Gorton’s sister ~ heart problems ~ will have a procedure done on the 20th
Patty ~ Terri Thompsons’s friend who is going thru chemo for multiple myeloma
Bill Smell ~ Fell and broke his arm ~ keep Carol in your prayers as well ~ Bill is healing, but it will be a ways to go
Donna Dunn ~ Update on Donna ~ She is getting stronger and hopes to be home soon! Please continue to keep Bob and Donna in your prayers and also Kenny and Barb Nelson as they go back and forth and help out their family
Jim and Kelly ~ Friends of Scott and Courtney Sands ~ This couple are in Africa and will be bringing their son home!!
Vicki ~ Beth Mollet’s friend has heart murmurs
Beth Mollett ~ lost hearing in her ear
Wynona Hayward ~ at Rock Creek (formerly ORV) for rehab
Leroy Fredricks ~ Recovering from being in the hospital
Gary Vathauer ~ Joyce Records’ Dad who has had seizures and a torn rotatator cuff ~ In Brookside Skilled Facility
Alicia, Marilyn Nordeen’s niece ~ blockage problems
Les Arnold ~ Joe Ferguson’s cousin, Steve Warren’s friend~severe injuries from being thrown from a horse
Susan Sorenson ~ Praises to God that her lymph nodes are clear and she will be going back to work part-time!!
Stonci Marsh ~ friend of Karen Harris’s ~ Has leukemia and has a 40 day stay in KU Med ~ Has 3 small children who have to face time him to see him due to his condition
Michelle Johnson’s sister’s husband, Larry ~ Larry had surgery to remove a tumor and they did not need to take a kidney ~ Praise to God for good news!
Sarah ~ Friend of Courtney Sands ~ She had a car accident with critical complications ~ Praises to God as Sarah found out she WILL be able to walk
The Family of Ivy Maxwell
Charlene Gibbs, Sherril Unruh’s neighbor ~ huge blood clot
Praises to God the Kingsolver family is renting a home across from their fire-damaged home which is now under reconstruction!
Paul Pennock ~ Nedra Porter’s brother who has health issues
Jodi John ~ Friend of Don Carr
Helen ~ Donna Greenawald’s friend from Meals on Wheels ~ Health issues
Bill Deck ~ Chad Lisle’s grandfather
Virgil Croucher ~ Friend of Bob Dunn
Ron Robison ~ Judy Hasty’s best friend’s husband ~ Has unique lung cancer that metastasized to his brain
Angela Lisle
Debbie Hutton
Erik Warren
Larry Swinnerton ~ Michelle Johnson’s father ~ in Hospice
Vicki ~ A friend of Linda Rishel’s who lives in Topeka; Vicki is home and slowly regaining some strength and energy; Due to the radiation and chemo, has a feeding tube; awaiting the doctor to stretch her esophagus
Casey Ward
Trevor Riley ~ Surgery pushed back again
Janie Nourot ~ Nedra Porter’s friend
A Teacher Friend of Debbie Hutton
Those who have lost jobs and are looking for employment
Our 2nd Friday Community Dinner Friends
Those who have lost loved ones
Those who were affected by natural disasters and those who are helping in the rescue
Our Missionaries
Our Military
Victims of Hate Crimes
LifeCare Center
Our Nations Leaders ~ President Donald Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence
Our Enemies
Pray for all those who put their lives on the line everyday for each one of us ~ Police, Fire Department, Emergency Workers

Church Family in Care Centers
Vintage Park: Mary Lou Sheldon, Norene Hobbs, Carol Gorton, Darold Cain
Rock Creek West: Marilyn Nordeen, Phyllis Foster, Faye Hunt, Becky Lepley
Rock Creek Skilled Nursing: Joel Nordeen, Shirley Barnes
Out of Town: Loraine Hanscum, Virginia Cordle
Baldwin Rehab Center: Cal Ewing
Wellsville Retirement Community Center: Wanda Ballinger