Westminster in Prayer

Jolea Ray Harris ~ Daughter of Billy and Shelby ~ Born under 3 pounds ~ Remains in the Hospital ~ Improving each day
Jan, Niki Smith’s Mom
Cadence Ward ~ Baby born to Demi & Jeff Ward, Friends of Melissa Pippin from Joplin ~ Baby was born at 30 weeks and did not make it
Gabe Marshall ~ Parents Josh & Bethany (co-worker of Ryan from Hutchinson) ~ Gabe’s 3rd round from brain cancer ~ Doctors informed the family there is nothing more they can do
Leslie Keim, friend of Steve Warren’s co-worker ~ Farm accident, lost one arm above the elbow and fingers on the other hand
Wilma Straub ~ Brett Callaghan’s grandma
Janie ‘Sellers’ ~ Friend of Nedra Porter ~ She fell and has a cracked pelvis and is in a lot of pain
Tracy White ~ Rae Warren’s sister ~ Reconstructive surgery
Gene Van Horn & Family ~ friends of the Records ~ Recovering from a farm accident
Howard Hull ~ friend of the Records ~ Health concerns
Faye Hunt
Wynona Hayward
Erik Warren ~ Steve and Rae Warren’s son ~ Health problems
Barb Nelson
Gayle Hall ~ friend of Nancy Hatfield
Terry and Jack Shepard
Evon, Donna Greenawald’s Friend from MOW ~ She is in a lot of pain ~ She also asked for prayers for her Pastor from Foursquare Community Church in Ottawa
Debbie Hutton
Bill Dotson ~ Alex Bopp’s Lifelong friend who is beginning chemotherapy
Rose Hanes
Nedra Porter
Sandi Edmonds
Loretta Cecil ~ Alex Bopp’s sister who is recovering from hip replacement and broken femur surgeries
Heather Yates ~ Judy Hasty’s niece who is awaiting surgery to fuse bulging discs in her back ~ she is in great pain
Beth Griffin ~ Tammy Gorton’s sister
Claire Wilson ~ The Rev. Don Wilson’s daughter-in-law
Kevin Clark ~ Gregg Colburn’s friend
Brenda Schulte and Family ~ Brenda is a friend of Nancy Hatfield
Barb Underwood Wells
Emily Polsley
Shelly Dickinson, her husband Lawrence and family ~ multiple family tragedies
Shelli Clark Snethen
Those who have lost jobs and are looking for employment
Our 2nd Friday Community Dinner Friends
Those who have lost loved ones
Those who were affected by natural disasters and those who are helping in the rescue
Our Missionaries
Our Military ~ Kenny Nelson (nephew of Ken and Barb Nelson, deployed to Iraq, 4th stint; Richard Dunn, (Bob and Donna Dunn’s son, Barb Nelson’s brother) who is leaving in 2 weeks to serve as the Chaplain in the Military, 2nd deployment and Johnny Brewer, Sandi Edmond’s grandson Victims of Hate Crimes
The Pastor Nominating Committee
LifeCare Center
Our Nations Leaders ~ President Donald Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence
Our Enemies
Pray for all those who put their lives on the line everyday for each one of us

Church Family in Care Centers
Vintage Park: Mary Lou Sheldon, Leroy Fredricks, Cal Ewing, Norene Hobbs
ORV Plaza: Marilyn Nordeen, Phyllis Foster, Becky Lepley
ORV Skilled Nursing: Betty Reynolds, Joel Nordeen, Shirley Barnes
Out of Town: Loraine Hanscum, Virginia Cordle
Wellsville Retirement Community Center: Wanda Ballinger