New Elders and Deacons Installation and Ordination

Congratulations to the new Elders and Deacons who were ordained and installed, Sunday, January 27th.

Our Session is:

Class of 2019
Mark Reynolds and Niki Smith – We have a Vacancy also

Class of 2020
Jessica Callaghan
Brandon Sands
Richard Jackson

Class of 2021
Melissa Pippin
Pam Harris
Chris Brewer

Our Deacons are:

Class of 2019
Bob and Kathy Reynolds

Class of 2020
LaDora Jackson with one vacancy

Class of 2021
Larry and Marie Stewart

THANK YOU for serving! It is a privilege and an honor to be on Session as well as a Deacon and we are extremely grateful for these people who stepped up and made the commitment to lead Westminster! All Praise and Glory be to God!