Westminster in Prayer

Lifting You and Your Loved Ones Up in Prayer
Pastor Ron and Sandy
Pastor Mark Hutton, his wife Debbie, their daughter, Addy, and all their family
Bill and Carol Smell
Beth Griffin, Tammy Gorton’s sister
Erik Warren
Gail Souders
Gene and Anne Ramsey
Sabrina Dudley, Julie Leonard’s granddaughter
Claire Wilson, The Rev. Don Wilson’s daughter-in-law
Cheryl Wells, Judy Hasty’s sister-in-law
The Family of Randy Reed
Marty Parker
Re’aun Williams, Richard and Ladora Jackson’s granddaughter
John Madrid
Richard and LaDora Jackson
Barb Underwood Wells
Kevin Clark
Jan Lee and the family of Brian Alexander
Tracy White
Ted Zembruski
Monte and Connie Otto
Wynona Hayward
Darlene Castille, Pastor Ron’s Mother
Cara Polsley
Our Youth & Leaders traveling to New Orleans
The Pastor Nominating Committee
The Westminster Session and Staff
Our Sister Churches
Our Nation’s Leaders – President Donald Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence
Our Police Officers
Our Fire Department
Our Community
Those Serving in the Military and their Families
Our Enemies

Church Family in Care Centers
Vintage Park: Mary Lou Sheldon, Leroy Fredrickson, Noreen Hobbs, Carol Horton, Cal Ewing
ORV Plaza: Marilyn Nordeen, Phyllis Foster, Becky Lepley
ORV Skilled Nursing: Betty Reynolds, Joel Nordeen, Shirley Barnes
Out of Town: Loraine Hanscum, Virginia Cordle
Wellsville Retirement Community Center: Wanda Ballinger