March 22, 2020 Message

 We know the love of God through the actions of Jesus on the cross

March 15, 2020 Message

Through Christ's torn flesh, our entrance into God's presence is made possible 

March 8, 2020 Messenger

Jesus took the list of our sins and destroyed it by nailing it to the cross 

March 1, 2020 Message

God chose to be one of us, flesh and blood, then to take away our sins

February 23, 2020 MESSAGE


 As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be sent out. What would  it look like if we unleashed the church in our community? The disciples  were not 'fully trained' when they were sent out.

February 16, 2020 Message

How can we know the fullness of this as American Christians?' 

February 9, 2020

Each of us is called to be a disciple and to 'make' disciples

February 2, 2020 Message

Christ came not to be served but to serve. We are called to do the same.

January 26, 2020

Are we a church or a country club?

Acts 4:32-37

January 19, 2020

 Modern day worship has become more about the person worshipping than the One we are called to worship

January 12, 2020 Message

We are called to be holy, but we are not capable without Jesus

What does 'sacred' mean? What is and what is not sacred

January 5, 2020 Message

Epiphany Sunday

Being wise with the time we are given

December 29, 2019

A Service of Scripture, Prayer, and Christmas Carols

Christmas Eve Service - 11:00 pm

Glory to God in the Highest ~ Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men

Christmas Eve Family Service at 5:00 pm

Emmanuel - God With Us

Matthew 1:23

Children's Program - December 22, 2019

Random Acts of Christmas

December 15, 2019 Message - Third Sunday of Advent - LOVE

God desires to enter our hearts and our lives. 

December 1, 2019 - First Sunday of Advent - HOPE

John 1:1-5, 14

God burst onto the scene through scandalous events, chaos, and simplicity 

November 24, 2019

 Deuteronomy 28:1-14

November 17, 2019

 Ecclesiastes 12:1,8, 13-14