Staff & Session


We have a wonderful Pastor, Staff members and Session Elders and Deacons at Westminster Presbyterian Church. We would like to introduce you to them here:

Pastor Mark Hutton,

Julie Vago, Christian Education Director,

Dale Fox, Choir and Handbell Director,;

Marci Gentry, Organist,

Deanna Fox, Church Treasurer,

Nancy Baylor, Accounts Receivable Treasurer,

Donna Greenawald, Office Manager,

Nursery: Judy Brunner, Trisha Davidson, Cyndi Brewer, Ashley Lloyd

Custodial Staff: Larry Stewart

Session Members:

Jessica Callaghan (Fellowship); Richard Jackson (Finance); Mark Reynolds (Finance, Personnel); Brandon Sands (Building and Grounds); Pam Harris; Chris Brewer; Megan Cevoli; Keith Gaeddert (Worship); Clerk of Session (Nancy Hatfield) 


 Kathy Reynolds, Bob Reynolds, Larry and Marie Stewart, LaDora Jackson, Donna Greenawald