About Us

At Westminster we believe that the youth are a vital part of our congregation. Therefore we have multiple ways for them to engage the congregation, the Word of God, and each other.



D.I.G.G.(Delighting in God’s Grace) is a wonderful opportunity to grow in faith! For 3 year olds through Grade 5, our children learn songs, memorize Bible verses, play bells and fellowship together during gathering time followed by age-level class time.

Youth ages 6th grade up, meet in Roberts Hall for breakfast, a message, discussion, and prayer.

More Youth Activities

 Sunday evenings, youth grades 6 and up, are welcome to join Community Youth Group (CYG). This group is made up of youth from five Ottawa churches. This year the youth are meeting at Ottawa Bible Church. A free meal is served on Sunday evenings at 5:30 pm with the group beginning at 6:00 pm. Ottawa Bible Church is located at 1623 South Poplar Street, Kansas 66067​

Another community event we participate in is AWANA which is held this year at the United Methodist Church which is found at the North side of the Post Office downtown. This event is held Wednesday evenings at 5:15 pm. A free meal is served followed by lots of fun as you learn about God’s love.